Not So Promising EP

by Archer Oh

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This is my third release that I recorded in my bedroom. I worked really hard on it and I hope you like it. <3


released December 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Archer Oh Riverside, California

just want people to feel something

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Track Name: Intents & Care
Don't have to put yourself away,
I know it's true.
Despite all of your subtleties
I see you.

New stories thought of every day,
And old is new.
Here's one I'm hoping I forget:
I need you.

Feel burnt out
When the stars spell out your name
I realize that I need you.
Take your time
to decide whether or not you need me
And I'll see you.

By all accounts it should have been
As good as done.
It's only now you're stumbling,
Now it's gone.

Your eyes are staring wistfully,
And they see grey.
For your sake here I'm hoping
You'll be okay.

Oh, I'm drowning in your mistakes.
Oh, I'm floating in mine, oh my.
Oh, these are the choices we make.
Oh, if you don't like yours that's fine,
But I'll stick with mine.
Track Name: A Sea Lamp
Light meets the sand,
The ocean glimmering in its command.
Joy on your face,
It quickly turns to mourning in its place.

I didn't know how it would suit you.
So please let me go. Tell me good evening.
My cowardice shows in my discretions and
Part of me knows that I deserve it and oh...

I shouldn't mind it anyway.

Was in the orchard and having some peace
Is just not very likely.
We'll go together from down in the deep
With blood spots shining brightly.
I'll take an armful, I'll see what I keep,
But I just can't decide.
I'm not ready.

Picked in their prime.
And left to be forsaken out of pride.
End to begin.
The taste will ever linger on your skin.
Track Name: Passiflora
Fire in the hole.
Lightning striking where I'd rather go.
Lovers at the park,
Ripping pieces from each other's hearts.

Always so exceptional,
I know that you've been tired.
And I've been irrational,
Please know that I've been tired.

And we won't know for sure.

Turn out the lights and focus on heaven.
Those soft-sung lullabies should hold you until morning.
Blind is the son who speaks out in anger.
And deafness is so loud when he is forgiven.

Water on the walls.
Simply grieving one another's loss.
Leave it all behind,
Pick a bed and try to close your eyes.
Track Name: More Than I Am
Blame it on the fear, blame it on the anger.
All the tensions clear pointing to the fire.
We can see it all, we can see it coming our way.
I could give you patience but I think it's gonna die today.

[Time moves slower in the dark.
Unknown tremble in your heart]

Always on time
There's no reason to be
Wrong. And there's
Hate in their eyes
And I'm trying to be
More than I am.

Shedding like a dog out of desperation.
Looking for a God with the highest bid.
Smoking in the yard to die a little sooner,
Looking to avoid your sinking eyes.

[Time moves slower in the dark.
Unknown tremble in your heart]

Always on time
There's no reason to be
Wrong. And there's
Hate in their eyes
And I'm trying to be
More than I am.

More than I am,
Oh these times are falling flat.

Oh it's all the same
With the incumbent shame
And how it dies in vain
And only I'm to blame
And I will lose my breath.

I told you once and
Now I think you'll find
That there's a ray of hope
And only I'm too blind
To see it through the smoke.
Track Name: Strawberries
I cannot stand what it is that I am.
And right for how it's been, I'm coming down from the high.

And every now and then I'll think of where I misstepped.
I hoped that they'd come to me, strawberries, as I slept.

Unreal, neural, I can't pay.
Low rent, I went. I can't stay.
Banal aura, spare me please.
Low rent, you went. You won't stay.

No, please don't try again. You'll be fine where you are.
And I, I'll get going then, deserving of what's to come.

And now, it's so wonderful watching Spring come along.
The sun paints the red meadows. Keep the memories close, so will I.