Train Lungs EP

by Archer Oh

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my second release that I recorded in my room because I still had nothing better to do.


released June 28, 2016

Big thanks to Andreya Hernandez for the album artwork!!



all rights reserved


Archer Oh Riverside, California

just want people to feel something

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Track Name: Again At Corona
Rich little girl, she wants the whole world.
Wants to be famous. A famous suicide.
And be on TV, CNBC,
TIME Magazine will cover this new queen.

A group of young boys, they play with their toys.
They play in the moonlight with young girls at their heels.
A band of young men, two and a friend.
Smile and pretend that they'll last 'til the end.

And we're gonna notice it:
A reason to be wronged.
And it still won't satisfy
'cause our will to accept it is gone.

You really can't stay? Well choose your own way.
It's mine or the highway. Desperate falling hair
Calls for the hate of the group for your traits.
Time is no healer for those who don't forget.

There's no earth for the meek, and the savior you seek?
You killed him in anger. Denied reality.
The joker who steals all his ideals
laughs for a moment before drowning in his grief.
Track Name: Aimless Is Home
I'm not coming home anymore.
Refusing to step on that dirty dance floor.
I'll tell you what's left in store:
Those somber nights drinking alone until 4.

"Take me home, take me home",
I begged and pleaded to not be alone.
I sit in silence on these two empty thrones.
Only yesterday you said you'd stay.

I fear adolescence. I don't learn my lesson.
And now it's clear that I am a fiend.
Spend my time in fields so green, sobering.

She's floating away in the wind.
Behavioral changes, the father of sin.
Why would i go there again
When I know how it starts and I know how it ends?
Track Name: Black Tie
Look at how much you've grown,
Why's your heart made of stone?
Think the skies or the dawn.
Why can't you just move on?

Just a little bit,
Just a little accord.
Grief that's over you
That seems more like a chore.
Sweet and saccharine,
That's the way it should be.
Please don't be like you,
They like people like me.

Oh it's a party, Black Tie.
Always a party, Black tie.

When you're falling asleep
With the problems you choose to keep,
Just remember to grin
Then you'll find yourself fitting in.
Track Name: Cork Feeling
There are times when you open up your mind
And we'll go down to the throngs of our own lives.
We'll then internalize those aerosol pesticides
And get low.

You cough and choke and those buckets full of smoke
Will read: Here Lies Poor Old Mother.
And the dirt upon the grave is the one couldn't save
And how we tried.

I will let you down.
Please don't pick me up.

I don't know if you can see me,
There's a problem with your seeing,
I can't hear you through the screaming.

And we're reading through the lies
It's no wonder how she cried.
And yet further down inside
We know

And they're living day to day
Just expecting this week's pay
And yet be it as it may,
We know

And their pockets full of hope
Seem to keep them all afloat
And the wonders that are grown,
We know.

Blood on your hands is a point that somehow stands
Behind you only mirrors.
Reflecting all your sins, documenting what you did
Long ago.

The light is gone, couple hours before dawn.
It left you just as quickly.
Now it's time for you to heal, and I know it's hard to feel
Feel love.